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sensitive teeth

Sensitive teeth

Sensitive teeth are very common problem and –in the same time – the most difficult one to handle. This is mostly because quite often we can't determine the cause for sure.
Just a short list of the possible causes:
• erosion of the enamel
• hairline thin cracks in the tooth
• gum recession
• pre-mature connection of opposite teeth
• unsound filling
To establish a right diagnosis we often have to work in exclusionary way until we arrive to a probable reason and treat the sensitivity according to this. Just a few examples:
- if erosion occurs, we can seal the sensitive surfaces with tooth coloured filling material
- in case of gum recession we can apply the same treatment or provide you with a desensitising gel, what you will use at home
- unsound fillings must be replaced
There is also a wide range of remedies we can recommend and one of them is certainly working for you too.