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Preventative Dentistry

Here in Eagle's Nest we believe strongly in prevention. The preventative dentistry consists of regular examinations of your mouth and its surrounding tissues as well as maintaining a good gum health to avoid problems to evolve into some irreversible conditions.

Regular check-ups

Some people could think of having check-ups regularly that it's only wasting money as "He/she didn't do anything just had a quick look onto my teeth!"
First of all an examination in our practice is never only a quick look into your mouth. You can see our examination checklist which we complete at every check-up appointment.
Secondly, could you see all surfaces of your teeth in the mirror? Can you detect decay in your teeth if it hasn't made a big hole yet? Everybody can answer only NO for these questions, even us dentist! Your mouth is part of your body and works as any other part of it. If you see a doctor at early stage of any disease, he/she can treat it without complications arising. It's the same with your teeth and gum. Why would you pay for complicated replacement treatment after a tooth had to be removed when you could have saved it with a non-expensive filling earlier? This is why important to have a dental check-up regularly. Me myself have to see a colleague if I would like to be sure being without any hidden problem in my mouth.

Professional cleaning of the teeth
I hope you are amongst people who have clean teeth and healthy gum. In this case you can jump over this chapter to get information of what is more relevant to you.
But if you suffer from bleeding gum, stained teeth, bad breath, than these few worlds are for you. These problems are not only of cosmetic nature or a nuisance but gum disease could cause severe health problems as well if it left untreated. But don't worry, there is solution: a professional hygienic session, including scale & polish, treatment of your ailing gum, demonstration of the newest preventive techniques and planning a beneficial home and recall regime to maintain the result.

Exam Checklist

• Medical History – Significant conditions – Risk factors
• Smoking – Alcohol consumption – Acidic drink/foods consumption
• Last dental visit – reason (for new patients only)
• Patient is complaining of:
• Dental chart (for new patients only)
• Extraoral examination: salivary and thyroid glands, lymph nodes
• Hard and soft tissue examination: pathological wear of teeth, soft tissue lesions
• Dental examination: decays, inflammations, broken and suspect teeth
• Periodontal (gum) examination: pocketing, bleeding, suppuration, mobile teeth – method of cleaning, use of mouthwash, general oral hygiene condition
• Jaw joint and occlusion: symptoms, muscles, bite
• Radiographic examination: small or panoramic x-ray (only if necessary)
• Treatment's needed