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Broken Teeth

Any teeth may break, but the older, heavily filled ones tend to do it much more often! And as a result not too much remain of the tooth.

Depending on how much is this 'not too much', there are several options to restore a broken tooth.
• Tooth coloured restoration in the surgery: with the help of the revolutionary bonding method now we can glue tooth-coloured, resistible and long lasting filling materials to the broken surfaces if there is still significant amount of supporting tooth material left to keep the restoration in place. These materials contrary to amalgam don't need a hole to exist; are formable, so we can re-build the original tooth shape; and are perfect for smaller holes too as it needs to remove only the decayed tissue, so we can save more healthy tooth material. This option is relatively cheap, but parallel with the size of the missing portion less and less we can guarantee the longevity of it.
• Inlay: an alternative to the composite restoration is the inlay, which is actually a laboratory made filling. Its advantage that it's more long lasting and if it's made of gold, then the most neutral to your mouth. An inlay could be made of porcelain as well. A disadvantage of this treatment option may be the involvement of the dental laboratory therefore is longer to make it and costs more.
• Crown: Eventually, if the tooth is very broken, you can consider having a cap to cover and protect the remaining tooth against further fracture. A crown can be made of same materials as the inlay and it lasts over 15 years if you keep yourself to the maintenance advices you would get when fixing the crown on your tooth. So it's really worth the costs involved.
• Veneer: this is a very thin layer of porcelain, which is covering only the outer (visible) surface of the tooth and is suitable for chipped/broken front teeth, not just to restore its shape but also to disguise any discolouration.